My Textile Art uses local natural sustainable products and raw materials.


Creating new and exciting organic surfaces on a range of materials through offset contact printing, using ethically sourced substances and natural dyestuffs.


Exploring the interaction between textiles and raw materials; creating a memory or an impression by interaction and surface contact.


Each piece is individually hand dyed using traditional practices and applications alongside more unconventional and innovative methods of extraction processes.


My work explores natural imperfections, discolouration and deterioration.


My practice includes the use of embroidery, fabric manipulation and printing to create rich multi-layered effects. Visual and tactile qualities are added through colour and creative stitch applications. Marks are added through interaction with natural pigments and colourations. Much of my work investigates the fragility and vulnerability of cloth and explores the aging process, the passing of time and interaction. Recording significant changes, alterations, transformations, metamorphoses and interchanges with a variety of media and methodologies.